Fevers cause many parents worry; it’s not unusual for parents to try and ease a fever when their child is suffering. But a fever is actually a sign that the body is taking care of itself. Fevers happen when the immune system is triggered; they fight off bacteria, viruses, or certain internal chemicals. By increasing its’ temperature with a fever, the body can effectively kill the infection.

The fever itself is not a disease. It is a perfectly natural, normal response to an invading microbe. Chiropractic care can support the body’s own self-healing and self-care capabilities by removing nerve interferences.

Nerves Help Relay Messages Throughout The Body

The nervous system is the telephone system of the body. Nerves run from the brain and down the spinal column to every organ and system in the body. The nerves carry messages to and from the brain and body systems. If there is something causing an infection in the body, the brain sends a message to produce the fever. When the infection clears, the brain sends the message to stop the fever.

Chiropractors can help facilitate this natural immune system response by ensuring a clear line of communication between the brain and the nervous system. By removing nerve interferences and spinal subluxations, chiropractors “open the lines of communication”, so to speak, allowing the brain and body to exchange information and muster the immune system response.

No matter the symptom, your body functions better without nerve interference!

Chiropractic Is Not a Cure For Fever

Keep in mind that a chiropractor is not curing or treating the fever or symptom. He or she is simply helping to ensure there are no interferences or blockages along the spine that could be sending incorrect signals to the body, thus helping the body to regulate itself. This is just another example of how chiropractic care can be a vital part of maintaining health and wellness and tapping into the body’s own natural healing abilities.

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