Correct Menstrual Difficulties Through Chiropractic in Royersford, PA

Correct Menstrual Difficulties Through Chiropractic in Royersford, PA

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Menstrual difficulties are very common among women of childbearing age. They range from erratic cycles to painful periods to infertility. Many women simply chalk these difficulties as part of being a woman and find ways to live with it. But that’s not your only option.

Chiropractors focus on whole body health. Our interest lies in helping the body function better, which leads to overall better health. While we can’t promise to fix menstrual problems directly, we can help your body repair itself and function better by supporting nervous system function. The nervous system supports and controls every function in the body. By removing obstructions along the spinal column, the nervous system is able to function optimally, sending and receiving messages between the brain and specific parts of the body with ease.

As it relates to the menstrual cycle, any irregularity indicates a miscommunication somewhere along the line. Irregularities include absent or erratic cycles, heavy flow, and excessively light flow, severe PMS symptoms, and/or excessive cramping.

Commonly Subluxated Areas That Affect Menstruation

The most common areas of subluxation that affect menstruation include:

  • C6-T3: This area supports nerve supply to the thyroid gland, which regulates hormones.
  • L1-L3: This area of the lumbar spine contains nerve supply to the ovaries and uterus.
  • Pelvis and sacrum: Misalignments and imbalances in the pelvis and sacrum are very, very common and are associated with painful cycles.

Using chiropractic techniques to remove nervous system pressure in these locations restores function and blood flow to the ovaries, uterus, pelvis, and low back. By removing nerve pressure, the lines of communication are opened up and proper function of the reproductive system is enabled.

Visit A Chiropractor At Beacon Of Life Chiropractic For Help With Menstrual Difficulties

If you are troubled with menstrual problems and want to try an all-natural, drug-free treatment, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor at Beacon of Life Chiropractic in Royersford, PA. We welcome the opportunity to help correct menstruation problems using gentle and effective chiropractic techniques!


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