Chiropractic Relief For Infantile Reflux And GERD in Royersford, PA

Chiropractic Relief For Infantile Reflux And GERD in Royersford, PA

Chiropractic Relief For Infantile Reflux And GERD  in Royersford, PA

Infantile reflux is a frustrating condition for parents and their babies. Persistent spit up, inconsolable crying, and erratic sleep patterns are common symptoms. It’s physically and emotionally taxing and parents are often at their wits’ end as they search for anything that can provide their child with relief.

If diet changes don’t help, physicians’ first line of defense against reflux is often medication. But many parents of babies and young children just don’t want to pump their child full of medication, especially when the impact of that medication on children hasn’t been fully studied.

Chiropractic offers a natural, drug-free treatment that can help reduce reflux, bring comfort to your child, and improve digestive health.

Reflux And GERD
Reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), occurs when the contents of the stomach start to ascend up the esophagus causing heartburn and irritation. This causes infants to spit up – A LOT. Other symptoms include persistent coughing, refusal to eat or trouble to eat, and crying during or after a feeding.

Small does of medications like Prilosec or Zantac may be prescribed to decrease symptoms, but they do not correct the underlying problem. They simply mask the symptoms by blocking the production of acid in the stomach. This is not a viable, long-term solution for many families and some parents are loathe to use adult medications on their babies.

Chiropractic And Reflux
Chiropractic addresses the root cause of GERD and reflux: nervous system interference that prevents the digestive system from functioning properly. In the case of reflux and GERD, subluxations that affect the stomach and esophagus can result in GERD and infantile reflux. Our goal at Beacon of Life Chiropractic would be to remove those restrictions/correct subluxations so the digestive system can develop and function properly.

Sometimes, we see improvements right away, after just one treatment. But in many cases, the child needs follow-up adjustments until the spine is stabilized enough to prevent subluxations from recurring. Keep in mind that chiropractic care helps the body heal itself; that can take time and few nudges in the right direction until recovery is complete.

Visit Beacon Of Life Chiropractic To See If We Can Help Your Child’s GERD
If you think your child is suffering from infantile reflux or GERD, schedule an appointment at Beacon of Life Chiropractic for an evaluation. Our pediatric chiropractors will examine your child, ask you about symptoms and their severity, and recommend a treatment plan that will have your child feeling better!


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